Tuesday, 21 April 2009

New Work

I had a very chilled out Easter, and now it's back to work! These are a little by product of a exhibition invitation project I'm just finishing. They're old cinema tickets, hand drawn on old card. in real life they're tiny, about 4.5 cm and they don't look quite so good this big! I'm going to make a whole load more this weekend. At the moment I'm getting everything ready to screen print the final piece, but I think I prefer these at the moment!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Home for the Weekend

I've gone home for the weekend to visit family and catch up with old friends. I've also spent a bit of time clearing out my old room, and i found these in an old sketch book. The owl I eventually made in 3D in tweed and felt, but the tiger has never progressed past this stage. I'd like to make more time to make this type of thing, just for fun or to sell. I've been working at Matt Wingsield studios again this past week as well so I've been keen to be a bit more hand son with my work. I get a bit sick of the computer and I want to make tactile things again!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Open Day

And this was the final product for the Open days poster project: A 4 layer letterpress print on old newsprint. Of the 30 I started printing, only 5 came out ok, mostly due to the thinness of the paper making it difficult to align the different layers. The body text is set in 8pt Univers, which made me learn my lesson. NEVER set anything in 8point type on letter press. It will drive you mad! It's the reason computers were invented! But despite that, I learned a lot and now that it's finished, I'm rather proud of it.


Just a couple of bits and bobs I did in letter press while trying to work out an idea for the open days poster. More to follow.