Sunday, 24 April 2011

Release Ai Weiwei

Toby and I went to the Tate modern the other day and I was pleased to see them showing their support for Ai Weiwei, who has recently been detained by the Chinese authorities for dubious reasons. I wont go into detail, but you can read more here. But, if freedom of speech and freedom of expression are important to you then please read about it, spread the word and sign this petition for his release. It has 90,000 signatures already which is amazing, but it could do with more!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Retro Logo

Found this set on flickr the other day. Why can't logos still look like this?

Amy Harris

I stumbled across this the other day. Rather lovely. See Amy's site here.

Fred Perry

The first project I did for Studio XAG has gone in store! We spent all week cleaning up old bikes and making them into these rather fetching sculptures for Fred Perry's new range of vintage looking cycling tops. Cool eh? I think it looks awesome, but if I never have to clean another bike chain again I will be very happy indeed.

Selfridges Spring windows

I am probably not allowed to say this, seeing as I worked on the Harvey Nichols Spring windows, but I am totally in love with Selfridges' Spring windows. The word that comes to mind is SICK> black vinyl, real wood, hyper real flower back drops and little white mushrooms, what's not to love? Congrats to the very talented Mr James Barnett, my old chum who works the Selfridges windows.

Studio XAG (teepees)

SO I am going to be at Studio XAG hopefully for a few weeks. I am super excited about this because I absolutely love their work! I have been secretly admiring their work for ages all over Carnaby street, but only recently managed to track down who was behind it all. So I've been a busy bee, making things out of old bikes, making tee pees (see above, for Diesel) and trying my hand at paper sculpture and having a great time. I will post more work soon, when the projects go live.


Well I'm off to NY on the 10th of May to work and bum around for 4 months. I have been dying to go for ages, but I wanted to take Toby with me so we waited until he got an internship and a visa so now we're off! My US passport arrived in the post the other day, it is all terribly patriotic and over the top. So I am once again an American citizen. I am getting rather nervous and excited at the same time. Flight have just been booked! Now I just need a place to live...

Newspaper house in Topshop

Saw this in Topshop, thought it was rather cool. It's just a little house made out of old copies of the Evening Standard.

Harvey nichols casting flowers

Been having a great time at Harvey Nichols casting real flowers for their spring windows, amongst other things. All I will say is that they're big on flowers. I will post photos soon.