Thursday, 3 June 2010

Brighton show!

The show is tomorrow! I literally cannot contain my excitement. I am so exhausted from all the preparation and very ready to enjoy it tomorrow. Well done to everyone involved in the build, and special thanks to Pete, Millie, Tom and Joe for making an awesome catalogue, Tom for working like a crazy person on our website, and Claire for being my co-organiser, nagger and signage maker. Also Mia and Miles for helping me out and keeping me calm (I'm not sure what's just possessed me to make an Oscar-type thank you speech, I must be delirious from stress and exhaustion). If anyone's about for the next week in Brighton then go and see the show! Details can be found here. Our website is here.

Boundaries images

This was another image I made for the boundaries project, which I think is pretty cool. I over printed a page of photos of women with a page from an atlas showing national flags. Luckily they aligned pretty well. It looks much better large, so visit my flikr page here to have a look.


Bound. Finally.Finished.


Some of the images I made for the journal using photos provided by the people I interviewed.


Some images of the finished journal showing the fold out images.


This was an exercise in experimental image making. Most of these images are not mine, I don't want to take credit for them. I collated some of the hundreds of images that I had on my computer, cropped them and then used a lottery system of assigned numbers to pair them, taking the aesthetic design decisions out of my hand. I just wanted to make some interesting images, and have a new way of looking at the images that I have, hoping to get some inspiration from them in a new format and pairings.

This was the last project that we were set at uni, and one of the most fun and productive. It's in my show, and I'm using some of the images for my postcards/business cards. To see more images go to my flikr site here.

Exam project

Here (finally) are a couple of photos of the prints I made for my exam project (which will be in the Brighton show). They've been proving impossible to photograph because they're letterpressed and really subtle, something which seems to be a bit lost in all the images that I've taken so far. I took apart a manual alarm clock, spend ages in metal work cutting and filing down the axis on each cog. What I had left were the hands, a range of cogs and these square supports which all the mechanical parts slotted into. I then letter press printed all the parts in various compositions onto thick paper. It really doesn't convey all the little marks and scuffs, all the subtle colour differences in the cogs and the different depths that they were debossed to. This project was a real labour of love. Each print is made up of around 9 print runs (I printed each cog individually, so the above examples would have gone through the press on 6 separate occasions, each time printing only one of the cogs).  I will try to get some better images soon. I just need a good camera and some good natural light. 

The end: Brighton show

The last few weeks have been truly crazy and the blog has taken a back seat. Just to retrace my steps a bit, we had a mad time getting the show hung in 2 days, on top of getting all our work ready for the FINAL EVER assessment. Here is a photo of some of us having a well deserved pint after the degree show hang and hand in was over. It still doesn't feel like we've finished, because I've still been in uni most day tying up loose ends and doing some more work, but as of friday the uni is no longer ours, it will be over run with people looking at the show and then it's all taken down and we will be gone forever. I think I will have withdrawal symptoms. I am feeling it already!

Tunnel Vision

Some exceptionally talented people in the second year of Graphic Design and Illustration at Brighton painted this very cool mural on the tunnel leading from the Sea Life Center to the Beach in Brighton. They've spent months on it, often staying up til 6am, and on top of doing all their uni work. They're all so talented and hard working, it makes me sick! The opening was actually last week, but I only got the chance to go and take photos the other day. Roger Daltrey was at the opening and signed the wall too, which was pretty cool. The photos really don't do it justice I'm afraid and I hope to post some better ones soon. In the meantime, take a look at their blog

Boundaries images

These are some images that I created for my Boundaries project. I made a journal on the theme of nationality and identity. I have a very mixed background (Welsh, English, American, South African, Jewish and Belarusian/Russian) and I've always struggled to identify with all of these cultures. Most of my friends have some mixed heritage and I wanted to explore the themes of this increasing phenomenon and examine how people my age cope with it. I came up with this imagery to accompany the articles and interviews in the journal. Each one was printed on my desktop printer, then I just fed the paper in again and printed another image on top, making a blurred image. I thought it tied in quite well with some of the things people talked about in their interviews. It was also quite a simple visual metaphor for a lot of things, multiple cultural heritages, a sense of not quite belonging anywhere or not experiencing things as others do.