Thursday, 3 June 2010

Exam project

Here (finally) are a couple of photos of the prints I made for my exam project (which will be in the Brighton show). They've been proving impossible to photograph because they're letterpressed and really subtle, something which seems to be a bit lost in all the images that I've taken so far. I took apart a manual alarm clock, spend ages in metal work cutting and filing down the axis on each cog. What I had left were the hands, a range of cogs and these square supports which all the mechanical parts slotted into. I then letter press printed all the parts in various compositions onto thick paper. It really doesn't convey all the little marks and scuffs, all the subtle colour differences in the cogs and the different depths that they were debossed to. This project was a real labour of love. Each print is made up of around 9 print runs (I printed each cog individually, so the above examples would have gone through the press on 6 separate occasions, each time printing only one of the cogs).  I will try to get some better images soon. I just need a good camera and some good natural light. 

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