Thursday, 3 June 2010

Boundaries images

These are some images that I created for my Boundaries project. I made a journal on the theme of nationality and identity. I have a very mixed background (Welsh, English, American, South African, Jewish and Belarusian/Russian) and I've always struggled to identify with all of these cultures. Most of my friends have some mixed heritage and I wanted to explore the themes of this increasing phenomenon and examine how people my age cope with it. I came up with this imagery to accompany the articles and interviews in the journal. Each one was printed on my desktop printer, then I just fed the paper in again and printed another image on top, making a blurred image. I thought it tied in quite well with some of the things people talked about in their interviews. It was also quite a simple visual metaphor for a lot of things, multiple cultural heritages, a sense of not quite belonging anywhere or not experiencing things as others do.

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