Tuesday, 30 November 2010

more Wolfgang

I'm at home in good old surrey at the moment ( I had a breakfast cereal related accident and broke a tooth, meaning a trip back to the dreaded NHS dentist). Anyway, I was going through the shoe box of postcards on my desk and realised I had all of these by Wolfgang Tillmans but I never realised. Some of these I bought years and years ago without even looking at the name on the back. 

Jens Jørgen Hansen

If you're at all interested in Letterpress then you should check out this Flickr page. For serious addicts!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Isabel In Nobrow

My lovely friend Isabel Greenberg is getting some of her illustrations published in Nobrow
It's very exciting to see one of our own Brighton lot doing well. Gives me hope that one day we might all get jobs and perhaps even have enough money to find somewhere decent to live with hot water and everything. Recession? What recession?

Mr. Kit Mason

Mr Kit Mason is a terribly talented chap who was on the Illustration course at Brighton while I was doing Graphic Design. His film posters are literally beautiful (so much so that I have collected all that I could get my hands on). And I am sickeningly jealous of his collage skills. See his blog here.

Retarded Scanner

notebook 017

My scanner is retarded. It occasionally likes to scan things at a rakish angle when they are infact perfectly straight. It brings me close to violence. But occasionally it can make dull things more interesting.


notebook 014
This made me smile. 


So... the student demos have been pretty mental. I don't want to make a big social or political comment about it, but I will say that what started out as a good thing is beginning to go a bit pear shaped. But there is a silver lining. Many a laugh was had at Camilla getting poked (I loved the fact that someone apparently shouted "Off with their heads" while doing the deed), the stupidity of Charlie Gilmore and a rather cool Vice photo shoot.

In the good old days, a member of parliament had to read out the riot act (was an act that authorized local authorities to declare any group of twelve or more people to be unlawfully assembled, and thus have to disperse or face punitive action.) before police could take action against rabble rousing yoofs.

National Geographic Nautical

nat geo 1955 022
nat geo 1955 020
nat geo 1955 017

Yummy old National Geographic photos. Toby & I have almost every copy since about 1930 between us (you might think that's sad, but I'm not ashamed when they're full of gems like these!) and I wish I had the time to go through them all. Anyway, I thought these were particularly nice. Makes me want to go sailing.


I'm loving the design at Topshop at the moment. I loved their logo bags (where the logo was made into a pattern) and I was secretly collecting them, now I'm collecting everything. This was just a flier they have by the till but I love it. Old random type, analogue photocopying, what's not to love? It's making me wish I worked there rather a lot. Or at least wish it was my work. And I bet they get staff discount as well. Damn them. 


notebook 037

Some trendy shoreditch type drunkenly thrust this at me a while ago on a night out and it's been sitting in my coat pocket ever since. I think it's rather simple but lovely. 

national geographic

Garish Flowers. Lush.

Christmas came early

I got myself a few Christmas presents for my self from the lovely P&C.

stamps again

Couldn't help myself. I would now call my stamp collection excessive.


Figgins Fat face is quite possibly the nicest font to draw.

National Geographic

I have always loved the old photographs in National Geographic. I used to have hundreds when I was little but they got lost somehow when we moved house. Luckily Toby and I came across a huge stash in Brighton, and I have been buying them whenever I see them in charity shops and the like. These photos are from a 1938 edition and they're from Tibet. Literally how awesome. I love the fake colours! I wish I was a dandy traveling photographer.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lucas Raye Poster

Just messing around on Photoshop with the idea of doing a circus type poster. I would love to be able to do this in letterpress when I get the chance. 

Lucas Raye

A while ago I was working with Claire Murray on a LP cover for a Brighton singer/songwriter. 
These are just a few small examples of the type I was thinking of doing. They eventually went in another direction with the project so I think it's ok to post this. They were keen on using a circus theme, which I was all for because I adore circus posters and Victorian type. 
I didn't have any of these as typefaces, they were simply copied out of some of the millions of old type books I have. I really enjoyed my intensive week or so of drawing and re-drawing type. I actually think a lot of it looks better messy than too neat. Click on the image to see an enlarged version. 

1950s pattern

I'm loving 1950s patterns at the moment. In part from watching Mad Men and hanging out in portobello and the V&A too much. I got a handy little book of samples from the V&A, where these patterns above are from. I'm going to try my hand at making some patterns of my own when I get the chance!

Snappy Dressing

The Sartorialist is quite simply the best fashion blog ever. It's addictive to see what real people actually wear every day. Who are these people and how long does it take them to get ready in the morning? Anyway, they look awesome. And make me feel very poor and badly dressed. These are a few of the best from London of late.


I have a friend called Ros. She's a babe and makes very cool pom poms and we are pen friends. You should totally check out her blog here.

Mad men

Literally obsessed. Mostly with the clothes and decor though.
But I do have rather an unhealthy obsession with Joan. Massive girl crush actually.

Money Money Money

The HSBC money room at the Brisith museum is full of amazing stuff! I wish money was still this good looking. I wouldn't want to spend it.