Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Work for Millington Associates

I've been terrible at keep up with the old blog because I have employment! Albeit freelance, but that's ok! I've been working my little socks off at a place called Millington Associates and it's none too shabby. I've been making shop windows for the likes of Next, WholeFoods, Lipsy, Macy's in New York, some bits and bobs for Xbox and most excitingly, some very lovely things for Niketown. Working for Niketown is most fun, they've commissioned loads of lovely things for their shop interior, all of which are very time consuming and highly skilled in the making.
Most recently I've been helping to make these things, which I am told are the things that rugby players run into to train for running into real massive blokes. They're all handmade from scratch and I've been slavishly hand stitching this English Rose pattern to the front. Hard work that doesn't leave much time for anything else I'm afraid!

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