Tuesday, 16 June 2009


I went up to the V&A and the Natural History Museum yesterday (I gave myself another day off!) I'd forgotten how much I love the V&A. You end up wondering into strange rooms with amazing things in them that you've never been into before even though you've been into the museum dozens of times. I spent hours looking round the fashion and jewellrey (unfortunately no photos allowed). These are photos from the Medieval rooms, which were partially closed with people moving things around. This isn't really my thing normally, but I loved this room because it was so tightly packed and obviously hasn't changed for decades. Also those columns are pretty impressive! One thing I will miss about the UK when I got to America: free entry to museums. Being at the V&A or the British museum is the closest I get to being 'proud to be British'... until I remember that most of the contents have been pilfered from other countries....

Sun readers' wives

Just a couple of behind the scenes shots of my type project. I think that we're so lucky to have a full working letterpress studio and I try to use it whenever I can. Term has finished now so I gave myself a week off to just chill out but I'm back in letterpress this week working on a first year project which I never got around to doing in letterpress. It's driving me a bit mad though, it's all set in 12pt Caslon on an A2 sheet. Needless to say that's fiddly and laborious! But it will be worth it. Photos will be up when it's done!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Brighton Graduates 2009

So the last few weeks have been pretty hectic (thus the lack of posts) what with assessments and helping the 3rd years put up their degree show (and subsequent celebration) but it's all done now, and what a show! I went round and took some rather awful photos which wouldn't do the graduates justice so I stole these from their website.  There are some really great people graduating this year who  will be missed, and overall a very good show! Here are a couple of my favourites  but to check out everyone, visit gdi09.co.uk or go round the show!
From the top:
Holly Webber (gorgeous and painstaking letterpress)
Josh White (beautiful record cover)
Richard Carey (awesome screenprint posters)
Rob Matthews  (insane Wikipedia book)
Ben Phillips (Illustration & generally cool guy)
Good luck to all those graduating this year. So not looking forward to it being me next year!

Monday, 1 June 2009


What a lovely sunday! I've pretty much finished all my work for my assessment, so when I woke up sunday morning to find it was baking hot I knew I wasn't going to do any work. Marcel & I walked about 1 1/2 miles to the sunday market at the marina. I bought the usual old books (50p each) and these rather garish greeting cards. On our walk back we came accross a street party in Kemp town and ended up staying for a few pints and a hog roast. The I had to have a nap because I'd over done it with the sun and the cider! Then a rather chilled out evening with Toby & a movie at Millie's. I think it was the first time since easter that I didn't do any work for a whole day, and to be honest I thouroughly enjoyed it. I am paying the price today, up at 8 working away with the sun outside : (