Friday, 12 June 2009

Brighton Graduates 2009

So the last few weeks have been pretty hectic (thus the lack of posts) what with assessments and helping the 3rd years put up their degree show (and subsequent celebration) but it's all done now, and what a show! I went round and took some rather awful photos which wouldn't do the graduates justice so I stole these from their website.  There are some really great people graduating this year who  will be missed, and overall a very good show! Here are a couple of my favourites  but to check out everyone, visit or go round the show!
From the top:
Holly Webber (gorgeous and painstaking letterpress)
Josh White (beautiful record cover)
Richard Carey (awesome screenprint posters)
Rob Matthews  (insane Wikipedia book)
Ben Phillips (Illustration & generally cool guy)
Good luck to all those graduating this year. So not looking forward to it being me next year!