Thursday, 12 July 2012

pom poms

We're having a little club night for in the woods festival. Come along, win tickets! We're making some cool things for the night, including a giant pom pom tree. Pom poms are in progress. Exciting stuff.


I managed to salvage these from the event to take some proper photos before they were destined for the recycling.

It's all happening Chapel

The chapel looked fab. There were crepe paper streamers, tissue paper flowers, candles, clashing colours, acoustic sets and jesus. What's not to like?


Of all the things I've found in the street and dragged home, this is by far the best. To be fair it's the only animal I've found, so she beats all the random bits of wood and furniture quite easily. Apart from the stuffed seagul...
Anyway, Finders Keepers.

paper garlands

Fabric Flowers

Chiffon pom pom flower prototypes I made for a prospective commission. This year seems to be nothing but bunting and pom poms and weddings. Madness.

It's all happening

More 'It's all Happening' work is, er, happening. We've been set the task of creating an English Summer Fete, almost entirely out of recycled materials. Challenging. Lots of paper rosettes are being made, and signs being painted. There will of course be bunting, a lot of bunting. On top of the masses of bunting I am already making for weddings and the Jubilee and things. I'm working away with Marina Ralph and Sarah Bradley. It's going to be fun. Hopefully. Although I don't know if I can look at bunting again. It's been that sort of year...

It's all happening

Work has begun on a little one day festival that I'm art directing, sourcing and making all the props for, along with some chums. Details to follow!

In the woods

I am SO SO SO excited to say that I am going to be making some installations for the amazing In The Woods festival this year, with the lovely Marina Ralph. The very talented Anna Mojab is art directing the event and it's going to be EPIC. We'll be having a club night where you can win tickets to the festival, I will announce details soon. Now I just have to decide what to make...

paper shapes, its all happening

I was making some paper pinwheel things for It's All Happening festival, and before I folded them all up they looked like this, which is much better than how they looked when they were finished!

Tie dye

Garden + Sun = die dye.


I have joined and become obsessed with Pinterest! Follow me there, it's so absorbing that I don't have time to do anything else at the moment!

paper garlands

Easy peasy.

Walter Hugo

Toby and I were asked to sit for photographer Walter Hugo recently. It was a very intense experience, he's built a huge camera in his studio with a very old and beautiful lens. We had to sit very still and stare into bright lights for 25 seconds to get the exposure, and then watch nervously as the images developed. These are the results, on display at his recent exhibition. Again, long live analogue!

Neon Giraffes

I spent a few very intense days making these crazy neon giraffes at Studio Xag. They've been gracing Oxford Street Topshop for a little while now and look fab.