Thursday, 15 October 2009

Zinc Plate Lithography

I was lucky enough to get to do zinc plate litho at Uni last year as part of my extension studies. Although I 'didn't quite master the art', according to my teacher, I enjoyed it a lot and would love to do it again if time and money were no object. I can't believe that images used to be reproduced like this before photo litho, almost as mind boggling as letterpress! I showed some of my work to my dad, and it turns out that my family has a long history of print makers. My Grandmother's side of the family had a printing press in Belarus before they left and my Grandfather's side of the family in South Africa set up a Lithography press that used to print childrens' books among other things, and it is still going today. Pretty cool eh? 
This, by the way, is a pretty poor rendition of a pigeon. My teacher didn't like the scuff marks but I liked them a lot, so they stayed. 

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