Thursday, 23 December 2010

Vivian Maier

This has been doing the rounds on the web recently, but it is truly worthy of all the hype. A chap called John Maloof bought a box of negatives and undeveloped film at an auction. After showing it to a few photographers who all said he'd stumbled upon something important, he decided to google her. It turned out that she'd died recently so unfortunately no one knows much about her. She was a French nanny in Chicago and would roam the streets on her days off taking photos. She was an amateur photographer and never showed her work to anyone in her lifetime. But her work shows something really special, on a parr with any internationally renowned street photographer. Her story and that of how her work came to be found is pretty epic (almost sounds like the plot to a movie), but her work is really something else. Maloof is slowly working his way through over 10,000 negatives and documenting them all on this blog:

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