Wednesday, 30 September 2009


I enjoyed this set the most! We had a few days to build this scrap yard from scratch in a warehouse in deepest darkest brooklyn. I'm afraid it doesn't really come across well in the photos the size and amount of detail in this set. The big shipping containers were stacked to make a sort of house, then truck loads of junk and burned out cars were moved in and rearranged to look like an authentic scrap yard. We had to go out and get weeds from an industrial estate to dress the set a bit more, and then the whole thing was painted and graffiti artists came in to finish the place off. Andrea did the big Michael Jackson mural and as a tribute we built a mini shrine around it. 
Then came the filming. This was perhaps the longest shoot because there was a lot of choreography. I can't tell you how much fun it was to watch! It's a shame it doesn't get more airtime in the final cut.
We also got to work on the Cobra Starship shoot, which took place in an old subway station that was turned into the New York museum of transport. There wasn't all that much for us to do in terms of set building, seeing as it was already a real location. But Claire and Millie got to design some pretty cool posters for the inside of the subway car, which was rather exciting. Because of the confined space on that last shoot, I didn't really get any decent photos. 

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