Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Russell Brand

So it's probably about time that I posted about the work experience I did in NY over the summer.
We were originally working for the lovely Andrea Purcigliotti, but we also ended up assisting art director David Skinner and his team to shoot the ads and opening sequence for the MTV VMA music video awards. It mostly included a lot of DIY, getting our hands dirty, eating free food, and last minute jobs. Also a lot of standing around and hanging out with some of the coolest people I've ever met. I'm not normally one for giving great compliments but the team of people we were working with were 'totally awesome', really great fun to work with and even better to hang out with. 
SO  This was the first shoot we did for the MTV VMA promo, which was a spin on the west side story musical. Basically Russell Brand is in this alleyway singing and doing his crazy dancing. Our jobs included rubbish disposal, keeping tourists out of the way, helping to construct a set in the next door building and, very excitingly, helping to make the little purple MTV cane he's carrying. It was great fun, and really interesting to see the mad amounts of time, money and hard work that go into only 30 seconds of footage. 
The end result 

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