Wednesday, 26 May 2010

where to go...

Now that all my work is finished and handed in, I have had to turn my attentions to the rather daunting task of deciding what to do next. As of August I am homeless and jobless, so I need to find somewhere to go and something to do. This prospect fills me with the same amounts of excitement and fear. I have so many options but I can't decide, and I don't know where to begin. It would be easy to stay in Brighton, or go to London where I have lots of friends already, which is almost why I don't want to go. I want a bit more of a challenge. I'm lucky enough to be part Yank, so I think I should exploit that. I loved New York last summer, and I have always wanted to live in San Francisco. I'm also toying with the idea of living somewhere in Europe, maybe Berlin or Amsterdam. It would be quite cool to do something crazy like move to a country where I don't know the language. I would love to teach English and work at the same time. I'm at a loss at what to do!

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