Monday, 23 May 2011

New York, New York!

Well I find myself in New York again. I just can't keep away! I will soon be starting work with Andrea making sets and props for TV, and then just seeing what happens! I really don't have much of a plan. But Toby is working at 2x4 so he at least has a plan.
So far we have been spending far too much money and eating way too much. We're living in "East Williamburg", which turns out to be deepest darkest Bushwick.
So far we have:
Oogled the books at the Strand Bookstore
Wandered round Soho, Chinatown, Lower Manhattan and walked over the Brooklyn bridge.
Walked the Highline and fattened up in the Chelsea Food Market
Spend way too much money at Beacon's Closet
Wandered round Bedford Ave in Brooklyn and Fort Greene.
And met up with the most lovely Kaye Blegvad and Lucy Nurnberg.
Good time have been had.

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