Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Highline

On Sunday we went to the opening of a new park called the highline. It's a section of disused railway line that runs above street level. It runs through Chelsea and the Meatpacking district's old industrial areas. I absolutley loved it! It runs above ground, through buildings and at one point there is a section cut away so you can look down on the cars below. Lots of original features were still there, including the old lines. The plants and concrete tied in well with the feel of the place, it seemed like a  well constructed version of an over grown railway line! Anyway, I would recommend it to anyone in the area! The pictures don't really do it justice at all. It has to be seen to be appreciated. 

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  1. ah there is a photographer who takes photos of these kind of places but I can't for the life of me think who it is. I think I have it in a book somewhere and if I come across it I shall let you know!