Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I've had a very intensive few days working on this music project! It's so nice to get really into a project so you become obsessed with it (not good news for my dissertation though!). Anyway, I was struggling to come up with a logo/identity that would compliment Alice's drawings, be in keeping with the mood of the record cover and still be something that I liked. This is what I came up with. We did a lot of screen printing today and I can't wait to get it all done! I will post more when it's all done. 
In other academic news...
Me, Millie, Claire and Chloe gave a talk today at uni about our Transatlantic Design project, which went down very well! I'm feeling very enthusiastic about the project now, sometimes it's good to hear back from other people about how the project is going because it makes you a bit motivated. To be honest, I don't always pay it much attention because it's always on the back burner but days like today make me realise how lucky I am and how much potential I have : )

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