Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Plane Crash

I just found this image while researching something totally unrelated (isn't it funny how internet searches often take you to strange places) and I thought I would blog about it. Apart from the fact that it's a strange and gorgeous photos, it's also a fantastic story. Someone told me (while on a plane) that that was the only time a pilot has ever managed to land an air craft in water without it breaking on impact (so the safety information about landing in water has never been put into practice before - eek!). My oldest brother, who is a pilot, sent me a link once to a site where you could listen to the radio transmissions between pilot and air control in the minutes between realising there was a problem and him ditching in the river. It's pretty amazing stuff, if I find it again I will post it on here. 

*** link to the video here ***
(the text on the screen is the dialogue between the captain and co pilot, what you can hear is the dialogue between the captain and air traffic control. Also, look at the bottom of the screen you can see how high they are and how fast they're travelling).
Another interesting site here.

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  1. please do that sounds very cool!
    They had that story on TV here when it happened