Sunday, 7 February 2010

Degree show poster Part 2

So these are some of the shapes that I came up with for the degree show poster ( I will post some of the initial ideas for layouts tomorrow once I've scanned them in. The idea is that The degree show at the end of third year is the only time really that the whole University comes together to make something. All the different courses finally get to see what everyone else has been getting up to. It's also about the idea that courses and disciplines overlap and the work that goes into the degree show is not just from third year students but everyone else too. So I took that and tried not to make something lame (I was thinking of building something at first) and make this sort of shape made up out of small parts. the idea is that in places they overlap and make other interesting and unexpected images. I did a couple of posters for the crit on friday which I will post. I was really pleased with them, and on the whole the tutors were too, they just thought it looked a little like a 'corporate design for an oil company' and that the idea of merging a lot of images and shapes and colours is something you only do 'when they've given you lots of crap images to use and you want to hide how crap they are'... eeek. So anyway, I'm working on making it better for the deadline tomorrow. 

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