Thursday, 4 February 2010

Library of Congress

This is one of the most amazing resources that I have ever come across on Flickr. The United States Library of Congress has a flickr (here), how strange.  200 years worth of images (from family photos to adverts) all in one place. I have literally spent hours looking through all these images. These particular photos come from the set 1930s & 1940s in colour (here). Such gorgeous photos, and it sounds silly but it's really odd to see these things in colour. Apart from colour movies, the only images I can think of from this time are black and white!


  1. I have spotted some of these on flickr as peoples favourites. Haven't ventured there as yet... flickr is just amazing, heaven for the eye and mind.

  2. you should! It's all just so interesting. I could spend days looking at all the LOC photos.