Saturday, 6 February 2010


It's been really lovely weather lately, really cold and sunny which is my favourite. These are a couple of polaroids I took in Dungeness last year (the bottom two were actually taken by Toby on another day). I've been itching to go out and take some photos for weeks now, but the heavy workload is preventing me. I am also missing my polaroids. I have 3 shots left of my last film, which has been ruined anyway when it went through security at JFK, so the photos have been coming out all yellow. I was really excited to hear a few months ago that a group of people at the impossible project are trying to bring back polaroid film. I would be SO happy if they did, I am so not prepared to pay £20 for a 10 shot film on ebay. 


  1. Bloody awesome pictures. I really want to go to Dungeness. There is some famous director who lives there but I cant remember his name. x

  2. It's Derek Jarman! But he doesn't live there anymore on account of being dead. i think he's buried nearby though... Toby went to his house (well, he loitered round his garden taking photos). You should go, it is one of the weirdest places I've ever been so you'd probably like it!