Friday, 5 March 2010


These are some images I made when playing around with ideas for the boundaries project. It was quite simple really, I just printed the image, then fed the paper back into the printer and printed it again. It looks so much better this way than doing it on photoshop. The theme of the project was to make a journal based on the idea of challenging national identity. I interviewed a few people with multi-national backgrounds or who had grown up in a country different to where their parents grew up and so had to actively establish their national identity, as opposed to people who have 2 parents of the same national identity and who have grown up there. People generally fell into 3 groups: those that felt strongly about one nationality, at the expense of another, people who felt torn between several cultures and were struggling to find a place for themselves, and people who didn't feel any strong national identity and to whom it wasn't important. I didn't want the journal to be too text based, and I was playing around with this idea of double printed images as a way of visually representing the people who have to deal with multiple cultures and do not feel that they belong to any. 


  1. This is a dizzyingly beautiful and simple method. Do you mind if I mimic it at some undetermined time in the future? I will cite you.

  2. sure, go for it. I don't think I invented it though, I'm sure anyone has a right to print things out twice!

  3. Haha! Touché. I just always feel sneaky mimicking something so easy, which nevertheless wouldn't have occurred to me. Actually I have done similar things before, sortof on accident, and I liked them. But it never occurred to me to pursue double-printing for the sake of it.