Monday, 22 March 2010

Brighton monuments

I have almost exactly 5 months left living in Brighton. I will be very sad to leave, it's been the best place to be a student, but I can't see myself staying any longer. On to bigger and better things. As soon as all this Uni work is out of the way I plan to make the most of Brighton while I still can, I don't want to regret not having done everything I want to do. These are some of my favourite buildings in Brighton. From top: Brighton Pavillion. Love this building, it's so mad and out of place, but I've never been inside. These blocks of flats near where I live. There's nothing particularly special about them, but they all have these turquoise panels on them and the red brick looks nice in the setting sun. Next photo is this Greek Orthodox church a few streets away from my house which I think is also quite bizarre and pretty cool. The West Pier, obviously (it's being torn down at the moment. Makes me very sad. An angry letter was written to the MP but never sent).