Wednesday, 3 March 2010

long lost film

I got another exciting film processed today. My dad gave me one of his old camera, quite a nice Pentax, but the shutter was broken so I tried to get it fixed but it's not worth it which is a shame. Anyway, it had a film in it still, which I couldn't finish because the camera was broken so I just took it out and developed it anyway. It was full of family photos from aaages ago! Some are from a holiday in what looks like France, and some of us when we first moved to the South of England so I think they might be about 1994 or something. These are the least embarrassing of the lot, I think the top photo is my mum, my little brother Miles and I in the South of France (not sure where) and the second I think is somewhere in England. I reckon I'm about 6 years old in these photos. It was so nice to get them back though, what a nice surprise!

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