Thursday, 4 March 2010


I found these on flickr the other day. There's something really interesting about the circular format of the photos. Found via the National Media Museum on flickr, for a direct link to the set go here


  1. I intend to do a good deal more work in circles in the future, in terms of composition. It's just a fascinating realm of composition.

  2. In a graphic design sense, it would be difficult to deal with a circular format, in terms of type and layout. I think it would be interesting to explore it for imagery though. I think I'm going to start cutting my photos into circles!

  3. You're right. It's absolutely difficult. But I also really like the challenges it presents, since really most graphic design wisdom revolves around the rectangle.

    I worked on a collaborative project, while in school for my two-year graphic design degree, which was all in circles. Granted, they were drawings and paintings, but the installation design was my work. I suppose the possibility for circular compositions left a good taste in my mouth.